Treasure hunting in “The Sex Show”, Toronto

What a deception it was to attend to “The Sex Show” opening, on Thursday night, in the Gallery 1313 and find an established mainstream conventional -nearly dull- exhibition. Maybe it was too advanced to think that a sex show in the West End, in Toronto, in the XXI century, would really “push the boundaries of the definition of sex”. But their pamphlet is mistaken, and the art gallery is the space of no sexual possibilities.

Of course, not all the artists, not all the pieces. But the curator’s choice was basically one. The one. Phallocentric, white and heterosexual. And, they run out of wine during the opening!  Not just because the performers had guzzled all the wine in order to lose their inhibitions. No, no disturbances. No uncomfortable zones.

Just to say: the only performers were in a bed in the middle of the art gallery, covered with a white immaculate sheet. After one hour they ‘got up’-wearing current casual underwear-, they got dressed and they joined the audience. Did we travel in the past Thursday night? Was it a high-school exhibition?

After visiting this show, the message of Gallery 1313 is clear. Sex is white, BDSM is the fantasy of men towards women, vaginas are waxed and of course after the age of 40 nobody has sex.

The only good news is that; if you go to “The Sex Show” you can become a treasure hunter and search for the artists that actually go beyond the curator’s vision. They exist. There are 4-5 pieces and they can inspire you.

The Sex Show – Feb 5-16 Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West Toronto, ON. M6K 1L8

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  1. phil anderson

    Hello and Thanks for checking out the Sex Show . It was curated from online submissions and was meant to represent a wide range of expressions around the subject of art and sex The artists who responded to the call for submissions and were chosen ( 25 artists ) also represented a wide demographic of backgrounds – race and gender as it turned out though most of the submissions were from women. The curation was based on the art works . The wine did not run out . The first part of the exhibition was licensed for the artists and guests and after 8pm it was not . The exhibition was suppose to be about the art after all.. The performance My Bed In started at 3pm that afternoon and ended at .9pm with the performers dressing in there under garments under the sheets before leaving the bed. They were naked the other 6 hours leaving it to the imagination of what was occuring.The idea of the Bed In was based partly on the John and Yoko Bed In in Montreal . It would have been great if you had actually mentioned the 4 or 5 pieces that you thought might inspire visitors . XTRA magazine did an interview with Philip Hare one of the artists in the exhibition and Lexpess Toronto also wrote about the exhibit and the works in the show..The idea was to try and push the boundaries.. It seems a subject matter that rarely is visible in Toronto . phil anderson curator of the sex show

  2. webdocc

    Really, thanks Phil. I appreciate knowing all this details about the Show. As any visitor, of course, I came after 8pm. Hope our dialogue vanishes more boundaries too…! Clàudia Prat


      Hi Claudia , You obviously came for the reception which is great but the exhibition actually started on Feb. 5 and we had plenty of visitors then and on the day of the reception 1-6pm
      I have found that to actually appreciate an exhibition it is better to come during gallery hours and not for a reception which is more of a social event and opportunity to meet and talk with the artists . Might I suggest that if you want to respond critically to an exhibition it might make sense to just come for the social event .
      phil anderson
      The Sex Show

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