Back to the pencil. Sister Writes.

Beginning of  my story for the Sister Writes workshop. A creative writing group invigorated by the great author Lauren Kirshner. At Gladstone-Bloor Library, Toronto.

The Plumber Heroines

I remember the day when we came from our school vacations and we were old. Old enough, I mean, to sit on the metal bench during the morning break and not play like children. I remember perfectly the “boys” wearing jeans for the first time, the foil sound when we opened our tomato-bread sandwiches and the lively conversations about summer. The Barcelona blue sky dazzling in my eyes, and myself dreaming about futures.

I thought that when you got older you became free. And I thought the metal bench was leading us to that freedom. A few days later, however, I realized that neither the bench, nor leaving childhood, was liberating me. And even the jeans and the aluminum foil began choking my breath.

That is the story of how The Plumber Heroines freed ourselves years later.


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