Yesterday at the NYC Immersive Journalism / Non Fiction Meetup….

…we talked about the possibilities of interactive 360-degree videos with Arnaud Dressen from Wonda VR. Arnaud pointed out the difference between thinking of a simple interactive video (with a couple interactions between videos) to a whole interactive experience -where the interactivity is actually part of the script.
Katherin Machalek presented “Resistance Cinema” the first 360-degree-video by the New Media Advocacy Project (project I had the pleasure of video-editing). We discussed who has the power of telling stories in VR, and how 360-degree video can be used to empower ourselves and others.
Last, we looked at some AR projects. Since we wanna keep talking about AR, I leave you here with a great AR project from Eva Dominguez. Nushu AR is an AR newspaper for kids. It’s distributed on the weekends by a Catalan newspaper, but you can also download the PDF’s from the website and use it! It’s available in English / Catalan / Spanish highly recommended!

Great work Eva!!

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