What is home? NYC, 2015

This collective project at NYU, comes after my previous work about “home”, with the NYC Tenants Project, the video-performance “Home is Not in The Air” with Marea Granate at Queens Museum and the video about  Josslynn Riot, a trans woman trying to find her “home” in the middle of NYC.

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In this project each of us worked around the idea of “what is home”. My friend Eric became the lead developer of the project so meanwhile we worked in our own video we spend many hours conceiving the site.  This is the introductory video remix I did with all the footage of my classmates:

Don’t forget to visit our site: whatishome.nyc

NYC Tenants Project, 2015

During my first semester at Studio 20 I became the project producer of this collective interactive site. Because I already knew how to film and edit, professor Jason Maloney allowed me to work on my own, pre-produce the piece and create the site using Klynt, a software we acquired after researching about many softwares and tools.

Klynt allowed us to create (without coding) many  interactions between videos, as well as add text and other layers.

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Since October I began gathering contacts and cases of landlord harassment in NYC and possible interviews with lawyers and experts. Later I supported my classmates during their shootings & editing of the pieces  that would compose the interactive (November and December).

Once I had all the material – and during the holidays –  I created all the interactive design with Klynt and I asked Jordi Nus, a student at Stern Film Score to compose the music for us.

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In September 2014, three students from NYU’s Studio 20 program were assigned to cover a story about alleged tenant harassment in the Lower East Side. Compelled by their story, student Clàudia Prat set out to find similar stories and get to the bottom of this incredibly complex issue, becoming the project producer of this interactive and collective documentary.


The students of Studio 20 met with tenants, community organizers, lawyers and academics to try to understand the state of New York housing and its potential future. With the use of video, audio, photography and interactive storytelling, the piece spotlights the loss of approximately 300,000 rent regulated apartments in New York City and prompts us to ask: what kind of city do we want?

Traces of Memory, 2014

In 2014 I was hired by the Center for Memory Studies (CMS) in Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada) to work with Hannah Jung, a graduate student pioneering an innovative thesis project.  Beyond presenting ga paper,  Hannah was in charge of creating a map and an interactive website. The goal was to create content that could be shared and distributed broadly.

‘The goal of the Traces of Memory project  is to create a map that gives the viewer a sense of the texture of memory in space, through spatializing the stories collected by inhabitants of Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada)’.  Hannah Jung

We built all this with WordPress, CartoDB and Creatavist.

Visit the site here.

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Groove BCN, 2013

Groove BCN is a multi year webdocumentary based on a promotional platform of soul and funk music in Barcelona city. The project started in 2012 and followed this scene in a first documentary, at the same time we created a collective agenda and the possibility to make a band profile.

The project was stopped because of the lack of funding (mainly due to the economic and media crises in Spain).


Teaser French Subtitles

Teaser Groove BCN (subt en français) from webDOCC on Vimeo.