Don’t Forget: Bosnia-Hercegovina. 2007

Don’t Forget: Bosnia-Hercegovina. 2007

Don’t Forget: Bosnia-Hercegovina from webDOCC on Vimeo.


DON´T FORGET, is a documentary that narrates the story of three Mostar women Marina, Svigliana and Dzenana. Throughout their daily lives, they tell us how they struggled and coped with the Bosnia-Herzegovina war. Regardless of appearances and community background, we see through their personal stories that they have more in common than what the eye meets.

Co­Production, co-direction and script with Helena Sala, Leonor Jiménez, Daniel Carrasco and Carlos Collazos.

– Festival Derecho a Ver (Colombia, 2007)
– Facultad de Derecho de Cuernavaca (Mexico, 2007)
– Broadcast on Barcelona TV channel (Spain, September, 2007)
– Award 2nd Prize Best Doc Bauman Festival of Terrassa (Spain, 2007).
– Festival UniFest Madrid (Spain,2007)
– Festival Curts Girona. (Spain,2007)
– Festival el Ojo Cojo. Madrid. (Spain,2007)
– Festival de Cortos Atenea. Vilacañas. (Spain, 2007)
– Seminar of Peace Construction University of DF (Mexico, 2008).
– Seminar of War Conflicts and Peace. University of Càdiz. (Spain, 2009).