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I’m an Innovative VideoProducer – I understand the projects journalists, filmmakers, researchers or academics envision and I’m able to produce with them innovative stories. My work is in between the most cutting-edge technology and its possibilities for storytelling.

Recently I have specialized in 360-degree video and virtual reality (VR), this was my master’s thesis for Studio 20 (the program directed by Jay Rosen at New York University).

I have worked / filmed in Bosnia-Hercegovina, France, Spain, Morocco, Bruxelles, Canada, and US. Now, I’m a freelance producer based in New York City.  I’m also a friend an adviser at the Graduate in Gender and Communication, at the University Autònoma of Barcelona (Spain), where I go teach once a year for Woman’s Day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m eager to collaborate, create, share lessons,  and produce with other people!

You can contact me at clau(a)