Next Stop: Huelva

Role: Co-­director

June 2010. It’s time to harvest the strawberry crop in Huelva. Due to the crisis, an estimated 1,500 un-documented immigrants didn’t find work last season. Clotaire, Ibrahim and Adama are three of them. From their shanty town, they watch 300,000 tons of strawberries roll by, to be sold in supermarkets all over Europe. Clotaire, Ibrahim and Adama don’t earn any money, they are barely surviving. They are thinking about their next stop.

– Women Art Festival Award of Andalucia 2010. Spain
– Screened in Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Germany.
– Screening with Réseau Education sans Fronteries, Paris, France.
– Screening with SOS Racisme during its Festival Against Racism. Spain