Let’s talk about money

Today, it is the first time in history when people can create money without needing a centralized authority (a Bank). This weekend there will be the BitCoin Exhibition 2014 in Toronto, with more than 40 speakers. An opportunity to “see” the virtual money and its users in the “real world”.

Cryptocurrency or BitCoin is often misconceived. Geeks, techs and economists are already in the cryptocurrency conversation but if the “blockchain” (the way these transactions are made and  secured) is to be the next revolution, many other voices are needed. I mean: beyond “white men”.

Economic transformation seems to be in the cards and although it can take some time to become familiar with how virtual currencies work, we all need to understand them. Some Internet services are already being sold and bought with Bitcoins – or other cryptocurrencies: Peercoin, Freecoin, Litecoin… The Islanders seek economic independance using Auroracoin. Some Canadians are dabbling in Maplecoin. Downtown Toronto has a Bitcoin de Central and a Bitcoin ATM. A local restaurant, Smoke Barbeque, is the first to accept Bitcoins as payment.

The videos  in Khan Academy are useful to understand technically what are the cryptocurrencies, the BitCoin Exhibition begins on Friday and there will be free introductory seminars.Navigate the Internet is also exciting as you’ll find great material like the following video or groups like Bitcoins not bombs. The conversation about money is to be widened! Let’s enjoy the journey!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo7Q6Cf_yc]