FLOATS – Capitalism at Sea

Capitalism At Sea: Containments and Commons is a film examining the processes of the sea and its fundamental contradiction between the borders which define its boundaries and the flow of capital which consistently attempts to render it invisible.

Directed by: Marwa Elshakry, Nikolas Kosmatopoulos

Production: Marwa Elshakry, Nikoas Kosmatopoulos, Cláudia Prat

Cinematography: Aaron Fedor

Drone Aerials: Aaron Fedor

Script: Marwa Elshakry

Video Editing: Cláudia Prat

Production Assistant: Akua Akyeamponmaa

Voice Over: Kathleen Mclaughlin

Featured Speakers: Helen M. Rozwadowski (History, University of Connecticut), Kevin St. Martin (Geography, Rutgers University), D. Graham Burnett (History, Princeton University), Johan Matthew (History, Rutgers University), Naor H. Ben Yehoyada (Anthropology, Columbia University)

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