LaTele.Cat (2004 – 2012)

In 2004, when I was 20 years old  and while studying my Degree in Journalism, I discovered a community TV that was starting to broadcast in Barcelona. I began to attend to these meetings where university professors and activists discussed legal, practical and technical issues of what it is now LaTele.Cat It was a very exciting moment: from the beginning of the analog broadcasts of LaTele, to the beginnings of video in Internet. We discovered and learned together how to use Youtube or BlipTV, how to compress video, how to enhance participatory TV programms. LaTele.Cat environment has been my second school: a community TV project with a large mix of profiles, backgrounds and interests with huge space for experimentation.

Now LaTele has many people and organizations involved. And many kinds of programs, from news, to vegan cooking, to the first PUNK  TV PROGRAM of the history of TV!

SUMMARY STREAMING “Water Program streaming Rio +20. LaTele.Cat i Ràdio Bronka”

[vimeo 63885684 w=500 h=281]

This is a summary of my last collaboration with LaTele, we streamed from our DIY TV Studio using the Open network Xarxa Sense Fils to broadcast to our Digital Antenna, and we used Open Streaming software  ( We connected from our Studio with Rio+20 in Brazil. I hosted the streaming and organized all the production of the show.

This was June 2012. A year before I left from Barcelona.



Internship at the Spanish Public TV (2009)

I spend 4 months working with the team of Continuarà in 2009, a cultural TV Program that had 20 years of history (now with the economic crises the direction of TVE decided to shut down the show).

Inside the Spanish Public TV, the show was so called the “anarchist” program because her director Montse Mompou didn’t directed anything. But what Montse basically did is trust and give freedom to all her great team of journalists. I was very lucky to land in that free space. I spend 4 of the most fulfilling months of my student-professional life there. It was the first time I shot in big teams.

Jumping inside the TVE van with the cameras-men, the journalists, the driver, the production…  going out to shoot around the city was really exciting. One day Soledad Gomis decided that even if interns weren’t allowed to go out of town she would convince whoever in the TV so I could go with them to shoot in the Catalan wine region of El Priorat. We spend one night there and we did a longer video for the program.

Sole made me “appear” in pictures in the video so I could always say that this video was mine too. Sole  was one of the people that last year wrote me a letter of recommendation to apply to NYU and I have always felt grateful for her support and encouragement in keep creating. Even if in Spain there were nearly no-jobs in Journalism.

[vimeo 62130949 w=500 h=281]

Another video I made during my internship and which I am  quite proud was this report about the Free Culture Forum the “Oxcars” in Barcelona.  I proposed the theme and Montse send me alone with his best camera-man.  Days later, the new director of contents of TV2 send his congratulations to the program for this “cool” and “modern”content about Creative Commons.

I got and AA+ Qualification during this internship.

[vimeo 63885671 w=500 h=281]