Spanish Public TV (2009)

Spanish Public TV (2009):

After living in Paris  for more than a year and working at Zarafa Films, I went back to Barcelona to finish my degree in Journalism. I had to do an internship and I spend 4 months working at Continuarà, a cultural and legendary TV show of  the Spanish Public TV. I had a great time there and even if interns weren’t  allowed to shoot outside Barcelona, reporter Soledad Gomis decided I merited go film with her. The whole team (5 of us)  spend two days filming in El Priorat. I help in the pre-production and post-production of this special. Gomis made me appear in the video so I could always say the video was mine too:

Especial Priorat from webDOCC on Vimeo.

In those years pre-crises the Spanish Public TV was not hiring young people. Soledad Gomis was one of the people that in 2014 wrote me a letter of recommendation to apply to NYU and I have always felt grateful for her support and encouragement in keep up in journalism – beyond harsh times in Europe.

Another video I made during my internship – and which I am  quite proud- was this one about the Free Culture Forum the “Oxcars” in Barcelona.  I proposed the theme and the director of the program Montserrat Mompou sent me alone with his best camera-man to shoot in the Apolo Theater in Barcelona. I wrote the script and I did the  voice over. Days later, the new director of contents of TV2 send his congratulations to the program for this “cool” and “modern” content.

It was one of the first times TVE talked about Creative Commons. presenta Los oxcars 2008 en Continuará from webDOCC on Vimeo.